Research area: Involutive Structures, Several Complex Variables, Differential Geometry and Partial Differential Equations.

Recent Publications:

The Trautman Conjecture, to appear in Seminario Interdisciplinare di Matematica, University of Basilicata.

Locally CR-spherical three manifolds, to appear in Proc. AMS.

Geodesics of left-invariant pseudo-hermitian structures on the three dimensional sphere, Complex Analysis and its Synergies 6 (2020), Article 12.

(with E. Barletta and S. Dragomir ) Gravitational field equations on Fefferman space-time,  Complex Analysis and Operator Theory, 11 (2017), n8, 1685-1713.

(with E. Barletta and  S. Dragomir) Linearized pseudo-Einstein Equations on the Heisenberg Group,   J. of Geometry and Physics,112 (2016)          

(with P. Landweber), CR Structures on Open Manifolds, Proceedings pf the  American Mathematics Society 144 (2016), no. 1, 235–248.


Selected Lectures:


Seminar at University of Basilicata, Italy 2016


PDE and Complex analysis, Miami 2016


International Workshop in several complex variables, Brazil 2015


Harmonic Analysis and CR Geometry, Oaxaca, Mexico 2015


International Workshop on Analysis and Geometry, Taipei 2014.


 Analysis Seminar at Temple University, Philadelphia 2014.


 International Conference on Complex Analysis and Geometry, Wuhan, China 2014.


 International Workshop in Several Complex Variables, Brazil 2013.

Three lectures on The h-principle and CR immersions, Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas, Guanajuato, Mexico  2012.

Several Complex Variables and Complex Geometry Conference, Taipei, 2012.

International Workshop in Several Complex Variables, Brazil 2011.

Seminar at University of Basilicata, Italy, 2011.

International Conference on Complex and Symplectic Geometry, Seoul 2011.

International Conference on the d-bar Neumann Problem, Vienna 2009.

Three lectures on The h-principle in CR geometry, Seoul 2009.

International Workshop in Several Complex Variables, Brazil 2009.




Awards and Honors:

Distinguished Professor Guest of the Mexican Academy of Sciences (AMC) and the United States-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC), December 2012.

Visiting Professor, Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica  (Italy), June and October 2014.